Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Stand up and be counted...

Garage is rather full at the moment as i've got 4 boards on the go! From left to right; 5'1" xps flexspoon plug, 5'9" diamond tail, 6'4" hully egg, 8 'xps simmons. Outlines cut and ready for shaping. Spoon is for me and the other 3 are for people kind (brave!) enough to ask me to shape them a board....busy busy!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Fashion Victim...

Driftwood handplane #3 with 'shabby chic' paint job.

Theres lots going on in this little plane.  Rolled to deep single concave on the hull, spooned nose, bulbed handgrip and a concaved deck. Made for a friends birthday present....may it bring you many happy waves.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Twin fins for Timmy...

I am auctioning these fins off in aid of The Timmy Mason Trust. All proceeds from the sale of these fins will go to the trust.

Originally they were a set of RFC MR style lokbox twins, however I have reshaped and foiled them to increase their flex.

Tim Mason (Timmy's dad) is the man behind the Mason Surfboards and will be auctioning a board off every month to raise money for the Trust.

 Please check here for other auctions in aid of the trust and here if you wish to make a donation.